Our Barndominium Sale Center is Open in Northeast Huntsville Alabama

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Barndominium Sale Center is Now Open in Northeast Huntsville Alabama

Barndominium Sale Center Northwest Huntsville Alabama

  Our New Barndo Sale Center is Open, and you are welcome to Contact US, and set a time to come by, and check it out.  If you are thinking about building a Barndominium, or if you are building a Barndo, then we want to build it for you.  You can drive by anytime and take a look, and set a time to come in and visit.  During Office hours, we are usually in the office.  

Barndominium Sale Center
291 Ryland Pike
Huntsville, AL  

   Below are some of the images, and the price tag for this Barndominium is $500,000.00. So, you are getting a look at some of our best work. Our Sale Center Barndominium is 6800 square foot and showcases our best work. 

You can rent Our Barndominium Sale Center for Special Events, like Birthday Parties, and Family Reuniouns.

Barndo Sale Center Front View    

Barndo Sale Center Front view.

Our Barndo Sale Center Features 5 Big Bay Garage Doors
Great for those of you with RV's, or who want your own Shop. 
*This area could double for a gym, and/or indoor pool.

Barndominium Sale Center Video from back of Our Barndo Sale Center.



Inside View of Garage Area in Our Barndominium Sale Center

Barndominium Large Garage Interior Imager of Our Barndo Sale Center

One of the Full Bath's on Our Barndo Sale Center

Barndominium Sale Center Bathroom

Kitchen Area in our Barndo Sale Center

Barndo Sale Center Kitchen area.

Looking toward His/Her Sinks and Closet in Master Bath

Master Bath Area of Our Barndominum Sale Center

Front Room, and Current Office of Our Barndo Sale Center

Front Room, and current office area, of our Barndo Sale Center

   Our Sale Center also feature an upstairs loft, with a half bath.  And, RV hook up, in the rear of the large garage area.  Also, LED lights in each of the windows.  Please Contact US if you are interested in coming by, and viewing our Barndominium Sale Center.  

 Rent Our Barndo Sale Center For Your Special Event

   We offer our Barndo Sale Center for Special Events,  as well.  Such as birthday parties, reunions, and family get togethers. Our Kitchen area, and Our Large Garage are perfect for Special Events.

Rent Our Barndo Sale Center for Special Events. Great For Birthday Parties and Family Reunions.  Contact US for more information.